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All Marketing
& Communication
In A Single Place.

If you are looking for a platforms which integrate all marketing into a single digital interface for easy control and user-friendly features that affords you the benefit of speed and consistent marketing results. The stress of operating multiple platforms all at once is a burden you don’t have to put up with any longer. You can trust PlatformCore to provide you with a seamless no-code technology that can integrate them into a single digital work platform. More


Manage your social media

  • Create multiple posts in a single interface
  • Schedule posts across social platforms
  • Interact with your social audiences with our News Feeds aggregator

*These are a few of several limitations that PlatformCore's single integrated platform interface can help you overcome.


Integrate Live Chat Support

  • Communicate with your website audiences
  • Create tickets
  • Connect Dialogflow and automate your support

Connect your WordPress and manage it

  • Create articles/posts
  • Build pages
  • Optimize the code of each post or page with our command line editor
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Create analytical dashboards

  • Create dashboards and reports
  • Connect your Google Analytics
  • Centralize your data to make it relevant to your business

Our Next Future Integrations

  • Advertising Management
  • Email Management
  • Graphics Management
  • Marketplace Management
  • SEO Analysis
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Website Optimization
  • Marketing Foundation
  • Chatbot Management
  • Accounting
  • Google Services
  • Influencer Management
  • PR
  • Event Management

*Use our powerful API technology to breathe new life into your online marketing activities.

You're in good company

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Give Power to Your PPC

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