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If you are looking for an integrated platform with an effective and user-friendly feature that affords you the benefit of speed and consistent marketing results, you can turn to our powerful API platform to integrate all your APIs into a single digital interface for easy control. The stress of operating multiple APIs all at once is a burden you don’t have to put up with any longer. Regardless of the number of APIs you use for your marketing outreach, you can trust PlatformCore to provide you with a seamless technology that can integrate about 120 APIs into a single digital work platform. More

A New Digital Marketing Era.


You may have been finding it difficult to

  • Monitor the relative impact of your online campaigns
  • Supervise you work for the team
  • Measure your market reach
  • Maintain site and brand visibility
  • Network with other support teams
  • Create contents across numerous platforms and lots more

*These are a few of several limitations that PlatformCore's single integrated platform interface can help you overcome.


Build Bridges, Break Boundaries

Our system is designed to help you connect and interact with your customers, launch and supervise your online ads and overcome the plentiful limitations of pursuing your marketing interests across multiple platforms. Our system helps you make the right connections with just a few clicks.


Take Charge of Your Social Media

Our API works well for multiple social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. Transferring content from one platform to another has never been easier.


Create Content on the Go

Create content on any platform of your choice and post across all your social media handles with just a click.


What Makes PlatformCore the Right Choice?

  • Create and market your content at an amazing speed
  • Transfer data from one platform to another without stress
  • Monitor your online activity round the clock
  • React to customer reviews as quickly as possible
  • Supervise the activity of your work team in real time.
  • Increase your level of online interaction by making the right connections
  • Achieve limitless potential for growth
  • Remain visible and stay ahead of the competition

*Use our powerful API technology to breathe new life into your online marketing activities.

You're in good company

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